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Casting for "The Shadow Vision Journals"

We are currently looking for several actors for the upcoming filming of the episodal series "The Shadow Vision Journals".  Candidates do not have to have previous acting experience, but it is a plus.  Please keep in mind that these will be low funded film series and will shot using a shoestring budget.  Therefore, compensention will not be substantial, but for those who are seeking to add items to there portfolios, this can prove to be a good addition.

Below are a list of characters for the first 3 episodes slated to be filmed.  If you are interested in one of the listed characters more information will be supplied following the Completion Our Actor's Interest Application if you are selected for a possible audition.

"Fringes of Insanity"

Doctor - will act in the role of a psychiatrist.

Orderly - will assist the doctor take care of the needs of the patient.

Patient - Requires a Female who is able to fade in and out of reality.  Strong abiliy to change persona a must.  Age: 21 - 30 years old with slender stature.  Hair color not an issue.


Derrick - A male between the ages of 25 - 35 who wil be required to act in a rational and calm demeanor.  Will be under the influence of an alien presence.

Detective - will be in puruit of the main character Derrick tracking evidence.

Forensic Scientist - Female with no specific age requirement other than under the age of 60 years old.

Mugger - portrayed using typical mugger behavior.

Male Assalant - portrayed as attacking a woman in a secluded area.

Female Assaulted Victim - will be required to interact with male assailant.

Coroner - will involve typical coroner activity.

Music Store Robber - robber will be holding up a music store.

“The Burning Vision”

Doctor - will involve making a house call.  Mature male preferred between the age of 35 - 50.

Female Woman - will display an unknown illness.  Female between 35-45 perferred.

Assisting Woman - will act as a caretaker for the female woman.

Female Apparition - will engage in conversation with female woman.

Father - mature male between the age of 60 - 70.

Demonic Presence - Male with no distinguishing characteristics.

Grim Reaper - Maie character with no distinguishing age.